Saturday, January 5, 2008

Give It Away

May this be a year of cleaning out closets, attics and basements. Let's Give It Away.
  • I have a bread making machine sitting in my's been at least a year since I've used it. Sounds like a good candidate for giving away. Maybe I could buy a few bread mixes to give with it.
  • I wonder what will happen to all the analog TV sets that will be disposed of this year. Will they fill up landfills or is there a way to reuse their parts. Maybe someone could find a way to get them to countries where TV's are not readily available.
  • Here's an idea for getting rid of unused cell phones - - they offer information on many cell phone donation programs, as well as purchasing refurbished ones.
As you go through your personal belongings, keep in mind the thousands of neighbors that are using electronics with frayed wiring, broken pieces - cooking without decent pots, pans or utensils. Let's make this a year of small changes that will have great impact.
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